Mello (aka “Professor M. Hysteria”): The Difference Between NoSleep, Let’s Not Meet, and Creepypastas

For those of you who don’t know, I host a podcast on the WUAW website titled “Let’s Not Sleep.” I read horror stories and sometimes give my own commentary on the story. Sometimes I browse Reddit and other times I say urban legend stories. Today I want to explain the difference between the different mediums I have covered.

The first story I covered, “Return to Sender” is the only NoSleep story I think I’ll ever cover. Stories from the NoSleep subreddit are plausible and “everything is true, even if it’s not.” NoSleep stories are original content and you need permission from the author to adapt it or read aloud on your own. I tried reaching out to other authors on NoSleep, but the only one to give me permission was the Return to Sender author, which is why that will be the only NoSleep. It’s a shame. I really wanted to share “Borrasca” and “Penpal” with you guys.

Let’s Not Sleep is another subreddit with content that is 100% true. That’s right. “The Bag Lady” and “The Pizza Man” were true experiences someone had. Paranormal stories are not allowed and the moderators have to verify the writer’s experience happened–like a news article or other proof.

Creepypastas are ones I’m sure you’re more familiar with. They are not based off of Reddit, but rather a sort of folklore rooted in internet mystery. Stories like “Jeff the Killer” and “Smile Dog” originate from unexplained scary pictures that surfaced online with no clear origin.

I hope this was educating! Be sure to check out “Let’s Not Sleep” on WUAW!

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