Dazia: My Experience with Social Media

I am happy to have the chance to further my education in TV/Film Broadcast Production. The many steps that I have taken have been pretty interesting thus far. Although the social media marketing class is a task it has also helped me notice where I should progress and take certain risks that’ll benefit me. I am a student that desires the visual aspect of things but, I am enjoying podcast production. I think podcasts are the new voice of radio. I have a few podcasts that I love to listen to I rather watch them as well.

My instructor, Mr. Brucker, has allowed me to take action on producing an official podcast show. This class gives you all access to handling things on your own and puts you in the mindset of “controlling” your media. I am learning so much more than I imagined and look forward to using the knowledge to become the successful person I plan on in this industry.

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