Asia: Tough Conversations…Do You Have Them?

So I was watching a tv show called “The Neighborhood.” This show is a great show, in my personal opinion, but I’ve noticed that they hit on a lot of touchy topics that people may need to have conversations about.

As a single mother, a person of color, and someone who has had some amazing opportunities fall in my lap that I was unprepared for (so needless to say I did not take advantage of); I am thankful to say that I have been able to be a part of some of these touchy conversations.

My question to the public is: what are some topics that you feel need to be talked about? How open are you to having these conversations with diverse audiences? Do you look for confirmed biases to support your beliefs or are you open-minded to receive that some beliefs are not as concrete as we grew up believing? Please leave a comment to share your opinions!

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