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Gwen Collins, the site director for the Dunn Center, also oversees activities for the Dunn Senior Center, one of the several offerings provided on the campus. We talk with her–as well as with Shameka Harper, instructor for the Barbering program. We discuss Barbering and the Senior Center in particular, but we also touch on all of the things available at the Dunn Center and what it means to be part of the community in the city of Dunn. Some of the other offerings include a Culinary program, the Dunn PAL (Police Athletic and Activities League) program, and the Harnett County Early College.

The Dunn Center is located at 660 East Johnson Street in Dunn. They can be reached at 910-814-8929.

Learn more about the Barbering program at www.cccc.edu/barbering or by calling 910-814-8927.