Riley: The “R” of “DRB”

Hi, I am Riley Connor, and I am currently studying Broadcast Production Technologies at Central Carolina Community College. I am also a co-host on the new slice-of-life podcast, “DRB.”

Now that I have started working on DRB, I thought it would be a good idea to say a little bit more about me and how I have been doing/feeling lately. 

I think the first episode of the DRB podcast went really well despite not ever doing this before. I am sure that it will get better and more polished as time goes on. I am particularly excited about episode 2 (coming soon) due to the topic being about movies. I haven’t seen a lot of classic movies, but I hope that maybe I can get good recommendations from the conversation. 

You can listen to “The DRB Podcast” on 90.5 and 88.3 on Saturday at 11 or Sunday at 8.  Or, they can listen this weekend on-demand at:

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