Daniel: My Introduction

Hello, hello, my name is Daniel Gaytan, I am 20 years old (almost 21). I am a student of Broadcasting Production Technology. I´m very bad doing introductions, so I´ll let you know that this blog may suck.

What my plan for this blog is tell you some insights for the creation of some of the shows I’m in: “Psych Cinema” and “The DRB Podcast“.

First, “Psych Cinema:” When our instructor, Mr. Brucker, told us that we were going to have to create ten 3-minute episodes on a topic that we liked, my mind went directly to movies. It is something that I like a lot! I like to consider myself a cinephile, although there are still many movies that I have yet to see to be a true cinephile. Then, my mind started thinking: How do I have 10 episodes of movies? Should I review them? No–that’s too basic. Then. . . BOOM! analysis from a psychological perspective. And that’s how “Psych Cinema” was created.

On the other hand, for “The DRB Podcast,” it is a project for my Social Media class. We are 3 people with different tastes, ideas and behaviors. We wanted to do different things–so, we had the great idea of ​​doing everything! It is a podcast where we talk about different things weekly. I hope you check it out!

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