Asia: Life After College?

Have you all thought about life after college?

I recently had an assignment that asked me what were my plans post-graduation. I decided to not further my education in the classroom. I think after my time here at CCCC comes to an end, I will start some freelance work and apprenticeships to really perfect my craft behind the camera.

Now, I am not saying for you to follow my path and do as I do; I am saying to follow the path that makes the most sense to you.

In this era now, social media can take you far. . . and, EVERYTHING IS CONTENT! It does come with a hefty responsibility, but that’s getting off track a bit.

Do you feel, post-graduation, you are equipped enough to enter into the world? Do you have the confidence to take that leap of faith?

If I can just leave you with one thing I was told, it would be this: life has a way to change your plans, but do not plan to fail!

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