Rickie: An Old Student’s POV

I’m a 50+ year old student back in community college, trying to get my Associate Degree in Broadcasting Technology. One of my classes is Social Media . So, in this class, I had to become open minded and learn new things.

So, this is where I’m at: learning to blog. I have never blogged or posted anything on social media. I am not even on Facebook. I have no need to be on social media, but I have to make a good grade.

So, here I go. . . putting my best foot forward, as they say. I’m hoping to make a good impression on my class instructor. I am really trying hard to do my best to learn a few new things. Posting and blogging are two of them.

So, as I am running out of things to say, this is my first effort at blogging. I hope it’s interesting enough. Remember: this is the point-of-view from the “old student” in the class. Enough said.


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