Mello: Creatively Bankrupt

Do you ever get a feeling that you should be doing something productive? That any form of lesuire makes you uncomfortable?

That is a feeling I’ve had and it’s sadly not uncommon. There are times I want to work on my writing but try to justify to myself that after the busy and long day I had, I would rather watch Netflix or game. My friend tells me that this is the “calm before the storm” and that I should enjoy pleasure now before I “really” achieve adulthood and be on my own. I do hear what he is saying. But I still feel I should be doing stuff now.

The things I’m doing about that is I’m trying to set times for myself. Free from everything except for a Word document with either nothing written on it or an existing work.

Yeah, gaming is great. I base my entire personality on Nintendo. But I guess it’s just guilt that motivates me to do stuff.

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