Kat: Video Or Radio: It’s So Hard To Choose

Hello to all you readers and those who are not even reading this. It’s Katerina, back again with another blog post. However, I have no ideas for this blog; but I am just going to roll with it. I recently turned 20, and I don’t feel any older. As I am a student in the Broadcasting and Video Production program, you would think you would find me in the video studio. Well, think again. I spend the majority of my time in the radio studio hanging out with Katylee, Brian, and Ricky each week. Last week, I mentioned that I never wanted to do anything with radio. But here I am living in the radio studio! I recall Mr. Freeman telling me (when I first visited the college last August) that a lot of video students find a love for being on air. I didn’t believe him, but I am honestly going to say that he was absolutely right.

This week in my video class, Chance, Jose, and I got the opportunity to film a commercial for Gatorade. However, it went from Gatorade to Powerade; and I will explain why down the road. Jose came up with the idea of a college student wanting a Gatorade from the vending machine, but was unable to get one out. So, as he walks around the campus, the Gatorade bottle follows him away until he sits down(depressed because he never got his Gatorade. While we were taking turns rolling the Gatorade bottle down the hallway in front of the vending machines, Chance rolls it underneath the dark abyss underneath the vending machines. The bottle was never seen again. After everyone got over the shock, we settled on doing Powerade instead (which we got from the vending machine!). We started filming, and every shot turned out perfectly! After rolling the bottle on the ground so many times, the sticker was coming off and the bottle was not any use to us. So, we bought another Powerade bottle so it would be decent for our commercial.

The last shot was my favorite! Chance wanted to go into the woods; so, with the camera, tripod, and two Powerade bottles, we had a great time chucking the bottle into the woods. This was such a fun project and I can’t wait to start editing the video together! Despite all the funny moments, dogs barking at us, and losing the original Gatorade bottle, the three of us produced a great Powerade commercial! (Note: We didn’t litter. No dog, human, or nature was injured in the filming of this production. Thank you to CCCC for allowing us to use your beautiful campus!

If I had to choose between radio or video, I don’t think I would be able to choose. I love getting to know everyone better though radio, but also seeing everyone’s creative side through video. If you come for radio, you just might end up loving video. If you come for video, you might just end up loving radio. Personally, I love both almost equally. Thanks for reading this chaotic blog, and have a great night!


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