Asia: State of Nutrition

We are living in a world where the prices of food have turned many of us back into farmers; well, it has at least turned us toward looking at YouTube to learn how to live off the land (lol).

Seriously, the value of processed foods, the high levels of sodium and sugar in everything, plus finding out that “plant-based” is just another way of saying processed foods, has really shaken me up to pay more attention to what I am putting inside of my body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seasoned, flavorful, greasy, cheesy, everything-bad-for-you foods; but, seeing how much my consumption has affected my health was enough to make me say “Do I want to LIVE or..?”

I am not saying that I am turning “vegan,” nor am I trying to convince anyone to join that lifestyle. But, I am encouraging everyone to learn how to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables. And, learn about canning and preserving homegrown foods–that alone can save you tons of money down the line.

Getting into gardening, canning, and cooking at home are all time-consuming, so I understand wanting to go and buy something quick versus spending time prepping and cooking; but look at it from this angle, when you are finished eating whatever you just bought (burgers, hotdogs, etc.), most times you do not have enough left over for when you get hungry again. If you cooked a meal at home, you tend to make more than enough to have some for lunch the next day, thus producing SAVINGS!!! I mean: c’mon! Who doesn’t like to save money?

So make a conscious effort and LET’S BE FARMERS!!!! (Well, let’s at least learn an invaluable skill set–because, after all, we all have to eat. . . right?!?!?

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