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Hello everyone. I have been watching a ton of YouTube and TikTok lately and they have sparked some interesting thoughts and questions lately.

It is no secret that man has never been able to explore the very bottom of the ocean; and, due to the lack of being able to do so, there remains so many mysteries of what really lies in the deepest depths of the oceans. Are there really Loch Ness monsters? What about giant sea serpents or sea dragons like on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? The Bible also references Leviathan, which was a multiheaded sea serpent. Was it a real sea monster or was it speaking of a parable type situation? That I do not know for sure.

On TikTok, the latest theory was that the ocean was actually the sky and the sky is merely a reflection of the ocean. According to science, the blue in the sky is a reflection of the sun hitting off the waters of the ocean (paraphrasing of course). What about the under water city of Atlantis, or even on Wakanda Forever, the people of the water, the “blue” people that we may consider mermaids? Do they exist??

So many questions–and, of course, there are so many videos that say that they have actual footage. But, do we really trust the internet enough to believe that is in fact TRUE evidence? Are the answers hiding in plain sight? This line of questioning also sparks so many other questions like sacred energy realms that allows one to have enhanced “spiritual” abilities (thanks, Avatar: the Last Airbender).

What are some theories you have heard of that makes you question what else could possibly be?

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