Asia: Power of Perception

Hey Guys!

I have been dealing with a lot of external stressors lately. It has weighed me down so much, that it is beginning to reflect in my academic performance. A lot of jobs/people tell us to “leave our problems at the door,” but what do you do when your problems follow you right through whatever “door” you thought you left them at?

Truthfully I have no answer to that. I can say this: I was recently listening to a podcast and the person who was being interviewed said (me paraphrasing) in order for our situations to start looking up, we have to change our mindsets. We should begin to look at things as lessons and growth opportunities. In doing that we also have to change our words from “why is this happening to me/why me?” to “what is the lesson I need to (or can) learn from this…” Of course, this is not something that we change 100 percent overnight but with practice, every day can become less and less of a burden and more of a blessing/opportunity.

The way we view adversity really does make all the difference in how we respond to life and the “opportunities” that lie before us.

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