This is an interesting way to start this blog. . . but, just follow me.

As a parent and someone who works with teenagers, I witness a lot among the youth. The things that are being said amongst them, the way that a lot of the “no-no’s” are being told that it is now socially acceptable is truly jaw-dropping. The conversations of a lot of children are no longer about Barbies and baseball, but they have turned sexual–more adult-like if you will.

I spend a lot of time at work shouting “pull-up your pants,” and “watch your mouth!” Oh and let’s not forget my signature line “Ms. Asia don’t care nothing about that attitude, so watch who you are talking to!” And if you look at social media they capitalize on showing the worse behavior of teenagers and try to place them all in the same box.

These children have been through a lot and I do not know their home life and what that looks like for them. All I know is that in the time I am allowed to spend with them, I try to impact their lives in a major way and pray the seeds I try to plant are actually being planted; it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or boy. The kids that I have come into contact with will definitely try you to see what they can get away with; but, I have noticed that consistency always wins.

If you really get to sit down and talk to a teen and they begin to open up to you please do not take it lightly. They bottle so much up and most of them feel as though they have no one to talk to about anything. Most people now do not take time to hear them out because everyday life seems to place these kids on the back burner.

So HELP is WANTED and NEEDED! If you have an ear and any compassion to be impactful, if you desire to leave your stamp on the world, try mentoring; be the ear a child may need. You might just be the difference they need to keep moving forward and return the favor when they become adults.

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