A Week with “Special K” (aka Kat)

What are you doing here?! You aren’t supposed to be reading this blog post (because this is a class assignment).

Just kidding!! I love that you are here, visiting our website, and decided to click on our blogs! College students write a blog each week, on a topic of their choosing, and it is shared on this website!

For me, sometimes coming up with a topic is hard. For this week, I have decides to simply talk about what went on in my life last week.

So last week, I decided to

  1. start a YouTube channel
  2. start a podcast
  3. design t-shirts
  4. dog-sit for the first time
  5. buy a Go-Pro, a nice video camera, and of course a tripod

So, out of those 5 things, I only did 3 of them. I did start a YouTube channel, which I was honestly super-excited about. . . except: you need to film content to start an audience, as you need to do on any social media platform out there. So, that has been a fun project to start working on! Next, I recorded a little podcast, like a 15 minute podcast. I did 3 episodes, and now I need to just edit them down, add some really fantastic music, and upload it to Spotify! The last thing I did was I designed t-shirts. I did study graphic design a little while ago, so the process was really easy! I am so excited to see the finished product in person!

Now, the things that I didn’t get to do. So, I was going to dog-sit, but I wasn’t able to take care of the dog full-time over the weekend because I was working. However, I love all dogs, so I will admit that I was really disappointed. I do miss having a dog to feed, play with, and just cuddle!! So, number 5 thing has been something I have been wanting to do for a really long time. I am a videographer, but I don’t have a camera, except for the one I got when I was like 10. But, I am a college student, who doesn’t have that much money. So, I am going to see if my dad has any camera equipment I could borrow from him! He also loves videographer and photography, and is constantly buying the latest gadget, so I am sure he has something I could use!!!

But yeah, that is basically what my week looked like. Not too crazy, even though in the moment it felt like I would never get through the week. Also, I have an idea for next week’s blog post: 5 items that are on my bucket list! So make sure you come back next week and I hope each and everyone of you has a great week! Remember to drink water and stay healthy and happy.

-Special K

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