Rickie: A Veteran, Talking to a Veteran, About Veterans

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Here I go again, trying this blog thing. I really think that it’s starting to grow on me??? No, not really. But, here goes.

I had an assignment to interview Ms. Amy Noel at Harnett County Veterans’ Services in Lillington — and it was quite amazing for me. Being a veteran myself, It is important to know about the resources that veterans have available.

There are so many veterans that are in need of assistance — and, Ms. Noel and her program are willing to help. They provide several services for veterans — from educational benefits to home loan information, they are there to help veterans (if they are interested).

Check out the interview with Ms. Noel in Central Carolina Journal. It was a very informative as well as educational get together. I suggest, if you are in the Lillington area, stop by and visit the Veterans’ Services Center. Meet Ms. Noel and let her give you a tour of the Wall of Honor and the Veterans Park. You will not be disappointed.

Okay, that’s the P.O.V. from the 50+ guy in class. Thanks again, Ms. Noel, for your patience and time.

Still learning how to blog. Enough said.


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