Mello: First Year At Broadcasting Production

My name is Mello and I have been enjoying my first year at Central Carolina Community College! It was quite a process deciding what I wanted to do after graduating high school in 2019. I first went to the Lillington Campus for Lasers & Photonics then I went to the one in Dunn for Culinary and that leaves me here in Sanford for Broadcasting.

I always wanted to go into Broadcasting Production, but transportation was an issue for me. Now that barrier is gone and I could pursue what really interests me. I always liked audio as a format and like other people I grew up with videos so I would have liked to know how both mediums work.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mello is part of the 2023 staff of Central Carolina Journal. Stay tuned throughout the spring semester to read more of his thoughts and to see/hear more of his stuff!

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