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Hello! My name is Katerina Medina, and I am currently attending Central Carolina Community College. I started attending CCCC last August as a Broadcasting Production student, am I am deciding whether or not to get a degree or just a diploma. I would really like to attend a film school in the future! Anyway, I am writing this as 9:30 on Sunday night because I am such a procrastinator. (EDITOR’S NOTE: students were to complete this assignment by midnight on Sunday night.) But here I am listen to my Spotify playlist and writing this blog post. This weekend was actually a really memorable weekend for me. On Saturday, I turned 20, which someone would say is a great age to be turning. However, instead of celebrating my birthday, I was driving to Charlotte to attend the RTDNC Workshop. The workshop was made possible by WBTV and was open to college students from North and South Carolina. I got meet so many news anchors and producers from tv stations all across North Carolina. I learned all about writing great news stories, the impact a producer has, and how to get your first job in the real world. Some tips I learned included making a great contact list, doing internships, and to keep trying even if you fail. One of my favorite parts of the workshop is meeting other students who want to go into producing as well as being on camera. I, for one, would rather not be on camera and just do alot of the behind-the-scenes work! Driving two-and-a-half hours from Raleigh to Charlotte was not how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, but I wouldn’t change that decision for anything. I still can’t believe that I am 20. It feels so old, yet so young at the same time. I have my whole entire life ahead of me, and for me it is both exciting but also nerveracking, haha. The final point I would like to share is to be confident in yourself and your abilities. If you aren’t confident in yourself, you will be able to show anybody what you are capable of. I hope you all have a fabulous week! And lastly, as I am coming to a close, I am listening to Feel So Close by Calvin Harris. Good night all!


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