Asia: The END is Only the Beginning

I chose this title because I am dealing with mixed emotions. We have reached the end of the school year, and while part of me is very relieved to have no homework and a bit more free time; I am also saddened because I have met some truly amazing people on my journey. I’ve been free enough to vent to my Instructors in a judgment-free zone. I’ve learned things about radio and audio in general that I had no clue was even important. I can honestly say that Central Carolina was the best choice I could have made for myself and for my growth. I have had the support of my instructors, my advisors, and my super-creative-and-super-dope classmates. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have gained the knowledge I currently have and look forward to my journey as a videographer. Since I may not be valedictorian or salutatorian, I will give my speech here.

“Friends, faculty, and other students of Central Carolina, It’s been real! It’s been tough, it’s been trying, it’s been fun, and it’s been a journey that we can all look back on and say with pride…WE ARE COUGARS!

“I can only speak for myself and say that I have never had so much support on any campus, from the check-ins with Mrs. Babb to being able to connect with the maintenance technicians that keep this campus functioning. From the officer that speaks every time we see each other to the random people I pass in the hallways, each one of you has made my experience here that much more enjoyable. This campus is so student-driven, that you have no choice but to SUCCEED!

When I was thinking of dropping out because I was having such a tough time, I was encouraged by my peers and hands down the BEST T.A. Tanner Whitt, to ‘Keep going, you’ve made it this far!’ No one knows how much that push has helped me to continue to strive to get this diploma.

“So, with bittersweet emotions, I say to the class of 2023, YOU MADE IT! Whatever you fought through to get here, you have earned this degree/diploma/certificate. May God light your path and your fire for the passion you have and may you use it to have the most amazing life you could have ever imagined for yourself. And if you ever find yourself at a point where you may want to change directions, you can always come back to CCCC; you’ll definitely have the support you need to achieve that goal as well. This is your favorite podcaster’s favorite podcaster Asia K, and I’m out!” (mic drop)

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